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JEANBAG™ – Going Pro…

November 11, 2013


Last week I made a couple of decisions and the over-arching principle governing them is that everything regarding JEANBAG™, right from the outset, will be done professionally. I believe this is called ‘going pro’ and I’m right in the zone.

I watched this video interview by business coach and entrepreneur Marie Forleo with author Steven Pressfield a little while back and one of the anecdotes Steven refered to really stayed with me. He told the story of a woman who wanted to take up golfing recreationally. However, instead of just turning up and having a crack, she really put her mind to it from the get-go. She bought herself a modest set of golf clubs and golfing gear so that she would feel the part and get in the zone. She wanted to give herself the best chance at learning and advancing to a level where she could really enjoy playing. The thing is that right from the outset, she made a conscious decision to get into the mindset of a golfer and really commit to being the best she could. I believe the story goes that she ended up competing in tournaments and winning. That’s the power of really committing 100% to something… you give yourself the best chance of success!

So, with that story firmly seeded in my mind, I am happy to say that JEANBAG™ is ‘going pro’ all the way, right from the start. It’s a great feeling and something I’m really proud to say. Stay tuned for more JEANBAG™ news coming soon…


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