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Building biceps & flexing the business muscle

December 16, 2013


My sleeves are rolled up and the hard work is really kicking in!

I’m on a roll making JEANBAGS prior to Xmas and these handmade beauties are giving my upper body a good, solid workout. Weighing in at just over 2.5kg, each of these unique beanbags require serious skill manoeuvring them around the cutting table and my vintage Singer sewing machine!

While the physical process of making JEANBAGS is building my biceps, my business muscle is getting a pretty good workout too. Even though JEANBAG has been in development for months, I need to continually revisit all the areas of the business in order to support its success and growth into the future. Checking and refining costings, communicating JEANBAG’s message so that its clear and connected, building the website, keeping current with safety standards, designing and creating the stationary to use in the administrative servicing of the business, and other little and big picture things all work together to shape and build this business muscle.

With both of these muscles flexed and pumping, JEANBAG is looking forward to welcoming in 2014 toned, taught and terrific!


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