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What I learned in 2013

December 23, 2013


2013 has been a transformative year and in looking back I’ve learned a lot…

I learned that the most important element of my practice involves making everything I do meaningful.

I learned that asking for help isn’t as hard as we make it out to be and you always get the chance to pay it forward.

I learned that going back to school was just what my practice needed.

I learned that I love recycling and helping others and now I can do more of both of these things through JEANBAG™: The coolest beanbag made from denim jeans.

I learned that small wins are often major achievements.

I learned that people love to reflect and celebrate.

I learned how much hard work, time, research and testing goes into developing a new product.

I learned that we can ask ourselves, Will it Work? as much as we like, but getting on with it is what really matters!

I learned that Going Pro isn’t an option… it’s the only way to go.

I learned that it’s best to use protection and am relieved to have been using it for years…

I learned that talking about your work in front of a crowd might be scary, but it’s not impossible and can be done well.

I learned that exercising your business muscle is just as important as physical exercise.

Most of all, I’ve learned everything this year thanks to the talented people I know, the generous people who post on the blogs I follow, the experts I work with to bring my artwork and products to life, the risks I take with my work and, through my friends and family who listen to my questions, musings and doubts. I’d would like to thank you all.

I already know that 2014 will give me new things to learn, offer exciting opportunities and bring with it a fresh set of challenges.

This blog will go quite for a little while now, but I’ll be back from time to time with thoughts and project news, just not every week. 2014 will see me focus almost exclusively on JEANBAG™ so you’ll find me over at the JEANBAG™ website when it launches this summer and on the JEANBAG™ Facebook Page, which is up and running and celebrating all things denim.

Many thanks to my followers and readers. It’s nice to know that from time to time I’ve had something to say worth reading and haven’t been simply talking to myself!

Wishing you love, laughter, adventures and big-ass goals to kick in 2014!

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