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2009. Laruche Bar + Supper Club

September 21, 2009


Owner, Elie Moubarak, (of the iconic Lychee Lounge, West End) joined forces with freelance designer Remo Vallance (also behind the Lychee Lounge), commissioning a number of Queensland artists and designers across various creative disciplines to provide work for his latest venture, Laruche Bar + Supper Club. I was invited to create a bespoke wallpaper design for the key stairwell, linking upstairs and downstairs through theme and colour.

Elie says, “the creative vision for the space swings wildly between the beautiful, the macabre and the decadent”. And this is no understatement when you learn that my brief went something like this: “1920s Berlin, meets Tim Burton, meets Alice in Wonderland, meets Beetlejuice, meets the Melbourne Supper Club and Art Nouveau”!

What resulted was a heavy duty textured commercial vinyl wallpaper that was digitally printed in eye-popping colours, drawing on all the elements in the brief, but underlined by a significant nod to William Morris and his art nouveau designs of the early 20th century.


Project Title: Laruche Bar + Supper Club
Wallpaper Design: Laruche
Year: 2009
Description: Site-specific, brief-responsive, bespoke wallpaper visually linking the venue’s two levels
Materials: Digitally printed on heavy duty commercial textured wallpaper
Venue: Laruche Bar + Supper Club
Photography by: Troy Hansen


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