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February 27, 2012

As well as making some lovely new contacts in the architecture and interiors sector last week, I was also busy refining colourways for newly commissioned prints.

Last year, you will remember I created a special limited edition yellow colourway of several giclée prints from my Collected Patterns exhibition. The Casuarina, Cabbage Palm and Bromeliad prints travelled to Singapore in May as part of the group exhibition, Inter_play co-curated by Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR) and Chan Hampe Galleries. The works were then exhibited in December as part of the group show, Collectibles, curated by SGAR and held at their gallery in Brisbane.

With the popular release of these prints in colour, I have been commissioned to create custom colourways for a major artwork procurement project, and a private collector, who has already acquired three of the letterpress prints from the Collected Patterns series. It is wonderful to be able to work directly with my clients and collectors in this way. I follow the same process I employ in my work in commercial surface design, using Pantone colour references to accurately predict the final print colour. Of course, the colours printed in the Pantone swatch books will be slightly different when printed on another substrate, for example: the 100% German cotton rag paper I have used in this series. So, I have my own colour reference cards printed by my expert printer on the final paper stock including a selection of colours for my clients to choose from. This provides an accurate representation of the actual colour of the final artwork. Nothing is left to chance.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom colourway of one of the giclée prints from the Collected Patterns series, please contact me to discuss further.


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